Life without a car


Our choices make us and define us. They shape our world.

But sometimes, making the right choice is a lot harder than it should be. And this is especially true when trying to make sustainable choices.

Too often it seems that those who choose greener, more organic lifestyle often have have to deal with the loss of convenience, sometimes comfort and often at the cost of higher prices.

We choose to buy free range poultry and organic products and then have to deal with much higher financial impact than if we shopped ‘normally’ – even though our choices are better for everyone.

Rather than just deal with my own choice between sustainability and comfort, I decided to turn it into an experiment:

I had just moved from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia and was in the middle of setting up my new life. And while for the first 3 months I had gotten by with the excellent public transport system that Melbourne has, I quickly reached a point where, I was faced with the decision of either choice between buying a car or continuing to use public transport.

For the first three months I was temporary accommodation and my days were filled with paperwork, organising and settling in. Once I had found a proper place to live however, I had the task of setting up our new house. Which meant a lot of shopping and a lot of hauling stuff around.

But it was also the ordinary every day living which also proved to be a challenge as well.

I wanted to explore the different aspects of life without private transport and over the next few posts I’ll go into more detail about my experiences.
Coming next: Challenge 1 – Daily life

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