Life without a car – Challenge 2

House hunting. One of the most difficult and stressful things one can do is to find a new place to live. And it’s even more complicated when you’ve just moved to a whole new country. 

So house hunting was to be my first challenge. Luckily most viewings/open homes were either on weekends or after work so scheduling my time around work wasn’t a problem. It was getting to the houses that was. I only had a narrow window of time to view all the places I wanted to see and only had public transport to rely on.

Public transport could only get me so far which meant that I would have to walk between the places. Normally this wasn’t too bad as I had narrowed my choices down to one to two suburbs so the places were always within walking distance.

But I was spending more time travelling between houses than actually viewing them, and as hard as I tried I was still missing out on viewings.

I didn’t realise how much time I was actually wasting until a friend of mine lent me his car for the day. Normally I spent six hours on a Saturday looking at houses. And I got to see around two or four in day. But on the day that I had the car I saw eight houses – And for the first time I began to re-think my challenge.

It wasn’t just that I was able to get to point A to point B faster – I was able to set my own schedule and make use of every minute and cover significantly more ground.

We finally found a place that we had our heart set on. But to make it to the place at the correct time I had to take the day off work, catch a train to the suburb and then take a taxi to the house. It ended up being nearly two hours of travel time. Had I taken a car it would have been 40 minutes.

Luckily we secured the place we had our heart set on – and got back to the daily routine of public transport. However the next challenge of living without a car was soon to come… Shopping.


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