A passport does not make a citizen

We live in a world where a better life is simply a plane ride away.
Don’t like your town? Move to the city. Don’t like the city? Move to another state. Don’t like the country you’re in? Move to a better one.
And if you’ve got the skills and the bank balance (sometimes just the bank balance) then in a few short years, you can become a true citizen of your new home.
But just the right paperwork, does not a make a citizen.
If you are a true citizen then you have respect for the place the people and the land that you call home.
You do not rampantly defame, destroy, disrespect and disregard the rights and religions of others. You do not pollute and litter the land, kill and maim the animals just because you think that your rights are more important than all others.
To be a true citizen you respect, nurture and care for both the people and the land that sustains you and offers you shelter.
But to become a true citizen, you do not need to become a warrior of difference armed with a megaphone. All you have to do is simply make small changes in your daily life to affect impact on the world around him.
It’s the small acts of respect that make you a true citizen. Putting your trash in the bin, using less plastic, recycling and using packaging only when necessary already put you ahead.
A true citizen cares about where they live, not just about themselves. And by caring for where they live, they end up caring for themselves.

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